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Best movies of keanu reeves

Keanu reeves have been known for his kind nature and badass movies like the john wick trilogy so today we counting out the best movie of Keanu reeves till now.

1. The Matrix

Public review of  The Matrix 

By Hetvi Shah

The Matrix Is one of the best Classic Sci-Fi Action films ever! It depicts a dystopian future in which reality, as perceived by most humans, is actually a simulated reality called "the Matrix", created by sentient machines to subdue the human population, while their bodies' heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. Computer programmer "Neo" learns this truth and is drawn into a rebellion against the machines, which involves other people who have been freed from the "dream world".Written and directed by the Wachowski brothers, this classic sci-fi action film stars Keanu Reeves as a lowly computer programmer who discovers his entire existence, and that of all mankind is nothing but a simulation in a computer. The reality within reality is a concept that's done before... but never like this - The Matrix requires absolute attention from his audience, at least you'll be completely lost in a few minutes. With the help of supporting cast members Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne-Moss, Reeves discovers that inside this simulation environment known as The Matrix, he can control, bend, and manipulate space-time... resulting in some of the most incredibly iconic images to ever grace the silver screen. The slow-motion "bullet-time" effects as they're known today were groundbreaking and revolutionary when we first saw them 12 years ago. Although Reeves is notorious for his inability to really convey much emotional range, his character here lends itself well to him as an actor.

This is a movie that makes you think, makes you gasp, and makes totally forget where the 136-minutes went after finishing it. It's no wonder this film spawned two very successful sequels and dozens of copy-cats. The Matrix, "Visually revolutionary, and mind-blowing." Keanu Reeves plays the main character, Neo, or Thomas A. Anderson and while he is not the perfect actor I think he does a pretty good job in The Matrix. He doesn't have the longest of lines which was probably a deliberate choice from the directors and it works because this gives him a better opportunity to work on posture and facial expressions and I must say that overall his body language is very good. Very clear and well-defined. Laurence Fishbourne plays Neo's mentor Morpheus and he does an excellent job of it. His lines flow with a certain confidence and style that makes his character somewhat unique and interesting. Carrie-Anne Moss does a good job as well and succeeds in looking both cool and sexy in her leather outfit. Joe Pantoliano, a critically underrated actor does a brilliant job of bringing his character, Cypher, to life. He also played the roles in Underrated Daredevil (2003)and Bad Boys I & II. I can't say much about him because his character is pretty essential to the plot. Gloria Foster appears in a relatively small role that will have greater significance in the following films and she does a very good job. The best acting is provided by Hugo Weaving, however, in his portrayal of Agent Smith. It is really something to watch him act out the changes in his character. Agent Smith gains some human traits like anger, a sense of dread, hate, and eventually even a sly sense of humor. Two thumbs way up to Weaving who has created one of the finest screen villains of all time. Effects wise the film is simply stunning and it deservedly was awarded the Oscar for best effects (and was regrettably cheated out of a nomination in the Best Film category) ahead of even Star Wars. The reason that I think The Matrix deserves the Oscar for best effects is simply that the effects in The Matrix are more innovative than the ones in Star Wars. Just take a look at how many times the effects have been spoofed and you'll probably agree. The effects also help in the symbolism of the film and in creating a very dystopian atmosphere, not unlike the one seen in Blade Runner and this works brilliantly.

2. The Matrix Reloaded

Public review of The MATRIX RELOADED

By Tom Groce

The Matrix Reloaded is awesome. It delivers as a sequel. With the plot being epic of people from Zion are counting down to a machine war for humanity's survival. The movie is action-packed and awesome. It has a few awesome action sequences with Neo fighting a lot of Agent Smiths. Or an awesome fight scene in a mansion. Or a long car chase that is breathtaking and intense. The film does have cheesy CGI and visual effects. Still good. The ensemble cast is great. The direction and script are great. The film does end in a cliffhanger for a third movie. Final Verdict: Big, Epic, and Awesome Film.

3.The Matrix Revolutions

Public review of  MATRIX REVOLUTIONS

By  Classic Boxing Matches

I've only seen Revolution once, possibly at the movie theater, and just never seen it again until now thanks to a Blu-ray collection I own. This film is ... Confusing. The dialogue seems like gibberish and everybody is alluding to things that they think everybody already knows or doesn't know... I don't actually know, the dialogue was confusing in the previous films but I could just follow it, this one is another level. The action scenes aren't as focused on martial arts anymore (until the end fight anyway) instead they focus on gunfights, spaceships, and superhuman powers which isn't bad, still some exciting scenes but I've always been more of a fan of martial arts fighting as seen in the previous films. Even though the film was only released 6 months after Reloaded, the CGI and special effects look noticeably better, and even though they digitized Neo again for the final fight something about doing it at night helped make it look more acceptable - probably because it was dark and could hide the imperfections better. The plot of this film feels more like a war movie at times, there's less time spent in The Matrix and more time focussed on protecting Zion from imminent attack. It's a nice change from the previous films and just as exciting I felt, certainly more suspenseful especially when the robots break through the roof into Zion. The design of the armored war machines isn't necessarily unique I feel but they were well generated and the actual look of them was intimidating. The love story between Neo and Trinity is still center stage and I understand it's actually the crux of the film but as with the other movies, the on-screen chemistry feels forced. Love plays a big part in the film as well, and even the computer programs start to feel "love"... It's interesting to think of machines feeling love but I hate love stories at the best of times so it was my least favorite plot point. Final Verdict: A visual marvel, but very confusing and a slightly underwhelming ending to the trilogy. Less martial arts and slow-mo and more gunfights, spaceships, and superhuman powers. It's still a decent sci-fi film, but it can't compare to the first film and is probably on par with Reloaded.

4. John Wick

Pubic review of John wick

By Prathamesh Bhonkhade

I don't have a clue what to say about this film bcoz I love it and Keanu Reeves as John Wick has worked really hard to convey an incredible exhibition. The primary issue I have with the film is its story that has nothing to bring to the table except for very entertainment. The story is about a resigned notable assassin whose canine is murdered by some Russian hoodlums and he renders retribution for it coz that canine was talented by his significant other to coop up with forlornness after she passed on so he delivers the retribution. The one thing I like the most about the film is its style and activity successions that look ruthless, serious, and sensible including general gunfights. The battling movement is done very well bcoz it isn't extremely uneven like in different movies it has appeared in a constant tone. By and large an extraordinary popcorn film to look for timepass in an available energy

5. John Wick: Chapter 2


Public review of John wick 2

By Epic Fizz

John wick 2 only improves upon john wick 1 with a better and more intriguing story and amazingly well choreographed fight scenesAs I said before John wick 2 has a much better story than John wick 1, one of my issues with John wick 1 was its unoriginal revenge plot and how they could have made an original story but went with an revenge plot instead, well John wicks sequel fixed those issues and made an fun, original and even more engaging story. there are no characters that I hate, every character in John wick 2 have very interesting and well thought out motivations and personalitys.the world building is still absolutley fantastic and mirror fight scene at the end of the film is absolutley brilliant. The fight scenes are still amazing and the gun fu involved is even better than John wick 1 which is not an easy feat.Like before none of the locations are the same and that once again keeps the film fresh and always fun to watch. The kill count is signiffiacntly higher and once again there are a perfect amount of fight scenes and they all go on for the perfect length, Keanu reeves is once again absolutley brilliant in this film and so are the rest of the cast. but I wish that they didn't kill of Willam Defoe in the first film as I believe he would of been perfect for this.Overall John wick 2 beautifully mixes gun fu with a well thought out story and acting so good that you almost think it's real.

6. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Public review of John wick 3 

By B. Peterson

Best of the series, in my opinion. Beautifully violent, masterfully stylized, stunningly choreographed, and consistently hilarious without minimizing intensity or sacrificing heart.If you're a gamer, you'll likely love this movie -- that's why I did. It felt very much like a well-crafted video game -- tight, pertinent, perfectly lit cutscenes between long, free-flowing action sequences topped off with an "Oh snap!" ending and strong hook for the next chapter. Honestly, it's even reminiscent of a classic game of tag in a few choice places.
The supporting cast in Chapter 3, new and old members alike, makes the strongest contribution so far to the distinct sense of wit and savage class that sustains the series. It's fun to explore the hierarchy of the players as well as each character's sense of honor, and Keanu Reeves delivers what I find to be his best performance as John Wick.I think the film could have used more of Halle Berry's character and a slightly better sense of pacing (it feels like it's a full, finished story after 1 hour and 17 minutes yet there's 52 left to go, and the last half definitely  goes faster than the first half). The plot also seems to get muddled for a few moments amid some strange, unclear lines, but overall the writing is quite good. There really isn't that much to criticize. It's a slick, thoroughly enjoyable thriller and one of the best action flicks to be released in recent years.I was hesitant to try this series at first, having lost faith in ingenuity a long time ago in this era of endless and often useless sequels, remakes, and reboots...but I'm glad I did, especially since I went from disliking Chapter 1 to liking Chapter 2 to loving Chapter 3 to adding the impending Chapter 4 to my watchlist to see in theaters. It *is* a journey worth embarking on if you care at all for action films or assassin stories, and if you too decide to go on it, I hope you'll have as much fun as I have. 8/10

7. The Devil's Advocate

public review of The Devil Advocate

By Peter Jansen

9½ out of 10 (the star system is too coarse).

There ought to have been a string of Oscars for

1. the best adapted screenplay (not just of that year, but of any year ever)
2. the best director
3. the best actor (Al Pacino).

This film takes the background of "The Firm" and raises a young lawyer's predicament to its logical conclusion. Where Tom Cruise's character found that he worked for the Mafia and could barely get out alive, his equivalent in the present movie discovers that his boss is the actual devil. Both law firms are under investigation by the Justice Department. The plot also has elements of "Abre los Ojos" ("Open Your Eyes") from the same year, like a man alone in a deserted metropolis, the protagonist finding two women randomly swapping identities while he is having sex with them, as well as the theme of nightmares (was it all a dream?).

Young Kevin Lomax, ruthless and cynical from the start, actually repents and tries to do the right thing near the end, being seemingly cured by his nightmare, only to encounter the devil again and starting to fall into his clutches once more at the conclusion.

Other scenes are reminiscent of "Rosemary's Baby", first exploring the theme of pregnancy with Charlize Theron as the lawyer's wife, then switching to his colleague and lover as the intended mother of the anti-Christ.

Finally, if you are familiar with the series "Quantum Leap", you may further enjoy some similarities with the episode "The Boogeyman".

The theme of temptation from this film was later explored again in "A Murder of Crows".

So much for the background. All performances were brilliant and it looks and sounds as if Pacino spoke all the various foreign language scenes himself. The Chinese scene about the chicken looks like it was lip-synched, but probably with Pacino's recorded voice, so that he did not have to act and speak the part at the same time.

The film came close to deserving a full 10 out of 10, missing out on that score by some relatively minor flaws: The devil's rant about Eddy Barzoom's manic depression (bipolar disorder), of which no real symptoms ever appear, a world connected by fibre optics and "God's ex-planet" falls short of the high standard achieved by the rest of the dialog. The Moyez health-code case doesn't illustrate Lomax's character the way it should, as the verdict was correct, important and reached on proper grounds. The fact that the freed client almost certainly constantly engages in other illegal activities is irrelevant here. The judge not giving the prosecutor time to present his case near the end does not remedy the fault in the plot but aggravates it. Unable to speak on account of an uncontrollable cough, the DA isn't given a minute or two to recover. The judge doesn't adjourn the case for him to get medical help, doesn't ask the bailiff to use his first aid training, but just barks at him "For God's sake, man"! Let him have his say — then throw out his outrageous case of unconstitutional oppression. It isn't the acquittal but the trolley full of health codes that makes the NYC of this film "fallen" like Babylon, as Lomax's mother puts it.

But the rest of the film is so strong, that one can easily forgive these flaws.

8. Constantine

public review of constantine

By Rohit Bhattacharyya 007
Thank you very very much Francis Lawrence for providing us the second best movie of DC after The Dark Knight. I liked Keanu Reeves as John Constantine and Tilda Swinton as Gabriel. At first I thought that the man who got the spear of destiny is the main villain of this movie, then after Bathazar and then after Bermanfaat but I never thought that Tilda Swindon is the main villain of this movie. At first I didn't understood that John was selected to hell for smoking 30 cigarettes in a day? But then I understood that for killing himself. But he selected to heaven for the sacrifice in the last when Lucifer was trying to get him. I didn't liked that Shia LeBeouf of Transformers died in the last. I liked the whole  movie including the scenes like the library, all visions of hello the climax, going to heaven, the first exorcism scene, exorcism of Analisa etc.

keanu reeves upcoming movies

The Matrix 4 - December 22, 2021

John Wick  Chapter 4


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