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Most watch movies of leonardo dicaprio

As we as a whole realize Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrated for his beguiling look and his dazzling acting. He has been administering Hollywood for 10 years in a film like Titanic, the wolf of wall street, and a lot more Hollywood motion pictures and it difficult to come by an individual who won't perceive today we are counting on his top motion pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio till now.


Titanic is a movie about the Seventeen-year-old Rose who hails from an aristocratic family and is set to be married. When she boards the Titanic, she meets Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who is an artist who falls in love with him with a rose (played by Kate Winslet) directed by James Cameron. The movie is still one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

Public review about Titanic

By Avocado Editz, 

THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING!!! I watched it when it first came out in 1997 when I was only 14 years old, and I still love watching it to this very day! Jack and Rose, even though they are not real people and never were, feel so realistic and the effects and clothing and decoration they used in this movie make it feel like I’m actually on the titanic with them! The flooding and sinking scenes were AMAZING and for a 1997 movie when I first watched it when I was a small boy back then, I thought I was watching something from the future. This movie is a must-watch, and there is no wonder why it won so many awards because it is most definitely the best movie this world has ever known. I cannot think of anyone else playing Jack and Rose other than Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They both did an absolutely awesome job and fit in very well with their roles, and the directors picked their entire cast very wisely. The “My Heart Will go on” song was the perfect fit for the movie, and got stuck in my head after the 80th time I watched it, which is a very low estimate of the number of times I binge-watched this movie from my sofa with a bucket of popcorn. Some bits of the movie is not historically accurate, but oh so few of them, that it doesn’t really even matter. In other words, this movie is something you must watch at least once before the day you die, you will NOT regret it.

2.The Wolf of Wall Street

Public review of The wolf of wall street by


Incredibly clever and brilliant biopic about Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort. All I can say is "wow". The Wolf of Wall Street was an outrageously entertaining and hilarious biography romp about the charismatic yet manipulative stockbroker Jordan Belfort - with a flamboyant and comical edge. Martin Scorsese definitely thought outside of the box with this one; the plot, cinematography, and acting were brilliantly executed, and the character's witty sense of strategy and humor resonates with you after each scene. Despite the humor and artsy flamboyance, the movie still successfully manages to retain the sequence of the success and downfall of Belfort's financial stock broking business collaboration. However, the film becomes more darker and dramatic later on.

 This is a movie intended only for adults (18+) because the previous rating was NC-17 but several scenes have been cut down slightly to approve the hard R rating. DiCaprio's character is shown committing consistent acts of debauchery (remarriage, cheating with prostitutes, scene of incest) and proclaimed drug addict. There's a great multitude of explicit sex scenes and different types of sexual acts (including homosexual) shown throughout the film, combined with graphic nudity (breasts, buttocks, pubic region, vagina) shown clearly, including brief graphic shots of male genitalia. 

There's heavy drug usage and abuse shown throughout, such as characters abusing a countless array of drugs (cocaine, lewds, crack, heroin, marijuana), etc.; including the graphic high phase afterward. The language is very strong and pervasive, with nearly 500 uses off**k, motherf**ker, sh*t, crude anatomical terms, and religious blasphemy. There's a few scenes of violence but not overly graphic or disturbing, mostly domestic. Sex (5/5) Drug Use (5/5) Language (5/5) Violence (2/5) Intensity (3/5).

3.The Revenant

public review about 'The Revenant'

By Onkar Daule

 One of the greatest movies until the day, this movie is such a masterpiece in terms of every aspect, the direction, cinematography, background score, the locations, everything feels so realistic. Also, the visuals are damn stunning. Many scenes left me amazed and made me rewind to see if they are for real and how could one possibly pull off. Especially the bear attack scene is the most intense and realistic scene I've ever watched. Even though the story is straightforward, the suspense is immensely high and never lets you feel lost for even a second. The overall efforts taken by the team for this movie are par imagination. The cast is outstanding, Leonardo and Tom Hardy both did a fabulous job, no one could have truly deserved the Oscar if not Leonardo for this one.

4. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Public review of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

BY Cinema Lovers Club 

A bonkers fairy tale in classically Tarantino fashion with pure nostalgia-hued Golden Age-Hollywood homages, the soundtrack as provocative as its brilliant screenplay, a star-studded cast of stellar performances, & a wild final act. 9.4/10..Review: 1960’s: Manson x Golden-Age (leading into Renaissance/New Age) Hollywood. That was the tall order we were promised by legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for his 9th outing, one made even more tantalizing by the trailer & announcement of a once-in-a-lifetime cast from Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt to Margot Robbie. After such inimitable masterpieces as Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill Vols. 1/2, Inglorious Basterds, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction, the film world’s eyes were all on July 25th, and Tarantino delivered yet again – Oh *boy*, did he deliver. Nostalgia to Hollywood’s Golden Age with plenty of Easter Eggs and eulogies to filmmaking. What’s easily the highlight of OUATIH is its golden paean esteems and invocation of the best of Hollywood’s history through every sensory way imaginable. It’s truly like taking a joyride through the annals of film archives and will smack a goofy grin on any cinephile’s face for its ~3 hour time period with meticulous attention to detail and period-authenticity make for a sensational trip through the escapist fare of moviemaking’s best era. It even features clever fourth-wall-breaking/meta-references to the artform showing (with classic Tarantino whim, wry humor, and unmistakable energy) the process of filmmaking with everything from messed-up lines, cuts, shot-reversals, and replays of scenes.

The cinematography to the soundtrack to location settings majestically paint the glamour and ritzy lives of the rich and famous in Hollywood Hills’ idyllic settings as promised – only to be shaken up by its events equally brilliant screenplay and dazzling display of storytelling with rich characters who make the film. The screenplay is masterful – this is pantheon-level filmmaking here – juggling 3-4+ storylines simultaneously with ease before uniting them all for the wild signature final act as promised by QT’s filmography. We are taken through Hollywood studio backlots with insecure has-been movie star Rick Dalton trying desperately to save his career, a juxtaposed-rougher lifestyle for his sacrificial stunt-double Cliff Booth, trophy wife/model Sharon Tate jumping between romances in LA-superficiality fashion, and a Manson cult arc creeping under the surface like a serial killer slipping between the cracks.

The performances. Leonardo DiCaprio absolutely (predictively) steals the show as lead with one of his most hilarious and out-there performances to date; Pitt is equally as infectious in personality as support (also makes an iconic buddy-duo that needs its own couple of films), Margot is a nice soothing juxtaposition, etc. leading up to the final act. One of the craziest final acts I can remember as a signature big boom ending characteristic of QT's filmography, it immaculately ties all story threads together while also leaning heavily into its Manson arc with his cult trying to break in and kill some socialites in the Hollywood Hills on beckon-command, they meet a much different ending than they anticipated for MAXIMUM drink-spitting entertainment value – with everything from flamethrowers to butcher knives to dog-attacks. He also silences his (imbecilic) critics having almost no gore or cussing even in a film with Manson undertones. Minor flaws in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood include a comparatively smaller role for Margot Robbie than was expected and the Manson arc I wish was a little more pronounced/fleshed-out, but overall OUATIH is another masterpiece by legendary filmmaker QT.

5. Inception


By The Batman

One of the best films of the entire century! A superbly crafted, MIND-BENDING, action-packed, chilling thriller and suspense movie... I recommend it to every movie goofy and to the fans of Christopher Nolan... It is one of his best ( if not the best) movies which can keep you at the edge of your seat. inception surely requires multiple viewing to be understood completely but the more you understand the film, the more you fall in love with the concept and this film. Nolan surely thought about every aspect of the dream world and mastered the presentation of it on the big screen. Literally, everything the characters say about the dreams and the dream world in this movie is true. You can relate it to your real-life experiences (about dreams of course)...The cast was phenomenal! Leonardo Dicaprio as Cobb really brought the character to life and brought justice to the character's desperation for getting back to his children. The same goes with Tom Hardy as Eames, Cillian Murphy as Fischer, actually the whole cast! The direction and cinematography in this film are some of the greatest! The VFX CGI was also incredible. As the story goes, it is unbelievable, and in a good sense! The movie is so fiercely original, it's hard to believe one could come up with something like that. It is genuinely THE MOST INTELLIGENT MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! This is one of my favorite movies of all time and I recommend it to everyone!

6. Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Public review of Django Unchained

By Prince Avinash Mishra 

Quentin Tarantino is a mastermind and no-one can write or direct a violent movie like him. Critics and reviewers often say that he uses too much violence in his movie but they forgets to mention that how he uses an incredible concept with reliable characters even the bad guys in his movie would gain audience sympathy.Like in this movie when Billy crush was shot in balls he had my absolute sympathy.In 2012 another movie on slave trade was made(12 years as slave) but Django unchained is entirely different. From the opening shot when you see few African American slaves in linking chains walking with sore and bloody feet all of them half naked and when camera focuses on a sad Django (Jamie Foxx) you couldn't even get up to pee till the end of movie and when Dr. Schultz (Christoph waltz) enters in the movie on his "Dentist carriage" I bet you wouldn't dare to miss a single frame of the movie. Story revolves around a slave named django who has been sold from one plantation to speck brothers another slave trader but on his way to his new plantation he has been released by a German bounty hunter Dr. Schultz who doesn't like slave trade but takes django under his wings for the time being to kill three outlaws whom only django could identify.

After the success of their first adventure they team up earn some handsome money and then they starts looking for django's wife Broom Hilda (Carry Washington) and finds out that she had been purchase by the worst of worsts slave traders Candy Calvin ( Leonardo DiCaprio). They go on lengths to rescue her only they don't know that this place could be end of their partnership!I think 'The man in iron mask' was the only movie where Leo DiCaprio played a bad guy and he played it well but in this movie he played a worst guy and played it beautifully. Samuel L Jackson as Steven was outstanding and I was very much surprised when he didn't get an academy award nomination for his portrayal. Jamie Foxx as Django was also very good in the role of the fastest gun in South but it was Christoph waltz who stole the whole damn show as sweet-talking German dentist turned bounty hunter. Many actors had small cameos in the movie but Jonah hill was hilarious in his small role.

I liked when Django kills any slave trader but when he blew Quentin Tarantino (also in a small guest appearance) I was kind of sad!My opinion: Why anyone is still reading this boring review. Stop reading and watch Django Unchained and I guarantee you that you would be watching it clockwise atleast once in a month.

7. The Departed

Public review of The Departed

By Jeet Dutta

One of the strongest films from Martin Scorsese i have ever seen. A story of trust and betrayals involving every genre of people there is. No one can be trusted. From the protectors of law, who does the bidding for those who break it, to the thugs who secretly protects it. An intense and gripping tale that is perfectly crafted by Scorsese, even though i consider this to be his second best movie (first being Goodfellas). Leonardo DiCaprio shines as the undercover cop inside the big bad Costello's (played by Jack Nicholson) commandment of goons and guns, who fights to keep his every move informed and his sanity in check. Costello's got his own informant inside the Boston police department agent Sullivan (played by Matt Damon) who keeps him informed about their every move right until he has had enough when he finds out Costello is an fbi informant himself. The direction of the movie is wonderful with sudden bursts of energy to quite intense scenes with memorable quotes, to gripping nail biting sequences as you wait and see who goes next. There are moments when someone is caught rating the other out, and it's scenes like these that makes this a masterpiece and Scorsese a brilliant filmmaker.

8. Catch Me if you can

Catch Me If You Can

Public review of Catch Me If You Can


Based on the true story of Frank William Abagnale Jr. an FBI consultant who was initially credited for check fraud, Steven Spielberg's 20-Year ambitious project, "Catch Me If You Can", is one of the most unexpected surprises I've ever had. The scenes are beautifully shot (capturing the spirit and detail of 1960's New York), the characters are engaging on almost every aspect (particularly Frank himself, who's had THREE fake jobs right before his 18th birthday), the music is catchy and light toned, yet suspenseful at the same time, and it had some of the most memorable quotes I've heard in quite some time ("Two little mice fell into a bucket of cream").

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks definitely make an awesome team in assembling this film and, if it wasn't for Spielberg's personal touch to the picture, it wouldn't have been as groundbreaking or cheerful as we see it today. The best part about it is throughout the whole picture, no one gets seriously hurt or injured. All it knows is that it's an excellent fast-paced cat and mouse drama that has nothing to do with violence or tragedy of any kind.

9. The Basketball Diaries

Public review of The basketball Diaries

By Rohit Bhattacharyya 007

extraordinary level film and acting. At the point when I saw this film during the isolate periods, I felt that perhaps Leonardo was truly 15 or 16 years of age when he did this film. That is the reason I googled his age while shooting this. What's more, I sorted out that he was 19 around then and I in a real sense got stunned. In this film when Leonardo was ingesting medications during his ball practice and Swifty was proposing him to do all that wreck that was totally dreadful and all the more terrible was when to purchase drugs, Jim did that to that elderly person. Those two scenes were the most exceedingly awful for me to be straightforward because truly, I am a homophobic 17 years of age kid. I stringently disdain gay sexuality however as a science understudy I realize that this isn't their issue yet I disdain those individuals. Something else, aside from those two scenes, the entire film was awesome.

This film gives a message to society fundamentally young people like me, to keep away from those companions who ruin a daily existence, and try not to utilize drugs who ruin a life. Jim Caroll's life is an ideal model for the general public that in case you're demolishing your life you can transform it if you need. Like from a cheat, terrible kid, secondary school dropout, detainee, drug fiend to a well-known essayist and artist.

10. The Great Gatsby

Public review of The Great Gatsby

By dumi moment

Beautiful, magnificent, marvelous. words can't describe how pereftcly articulated this movie is. from the start I new I would fall in love with this diverse poly romance between Nick his cousin and jay. u would not believe your eyes with such beauty as Leonardo da Vinci Grace's your screens. such a great artist to be such a great actor as well he deserves an Oscar for being a good old sport. anyways Daisy can choke and drown in that ocean between their homes for all I care she a white rat and broke my man's heart and stole him from her cousin for he loved him and they were star crossed lovers.

11. Shutter Island

Movie review of shutter island

By Suma Narayan

Shutter Island is a 2010, American film, directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Laeta Kalogridis, based on Dennis Lehane's 2003 novel of the same name. It stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams and Ben Kingsley as central characters.Two US Marshals are on board a small boat, travelling to the Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane on Shutter Island in Boston Harbor. They are investigating the disappearance of one of the patients, Rachel Solando. The sea is rough and Edwards, Di Caprio's character is violently sick :"All this water," he says, looking out of the window, at the heaving sea and the flying spray. The pilot of the boat comes to the two men and asks them to be quick about dis embarking, because a storm is on the way. The men get off the boat, on the island, bristling, like a fortress, with armed guards, who make no secret of the fact that they have no qualms about using their weapons. The two men proceed to the facility, and are shown three wings of the hospital : for the men, the women, and the irredeemably violent cases.In the meantime, the storm that the pilot on the boat had predicted, breaks...and doesn't cease till the very last scene. All through the 138 minutes that the movie lasts, you are literally sitting on the edge of your seat, gripping whatever is at hand, and wondering what's going to happen next. It has been classified as a psychological thriller, and I am not going to be a spoiler, here. But at the end, Di Caprio's character, turns to Ruffalo's, and asks him, "Which would be worse – to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?" : and you will want to watch the movie once more, to understand what he means.

The twists and turns in the plot are mirrored by an almost Chekovian use of natural elements.The starkness of the rocks and the sharpness of their edges, the sudden inundation of large rats that come pouring out of a hole,on the cliff, that Di Caprio has to wade through, to reach a cave set high in the mountains, the physical brutality of the storm in the graveyard, the height of the waves lashing the lighthouse, the violence of the breakers crashing on the rocks,...and the frightening serenity of the cultivated, orderly gardens of the facility: everyone of these plays a part in the story.Pay attention, also, to the colours, or the lack of them in every set. Grey, black, white, brown,taupe..and the sudden, blinding brilliance of brick red, spring green and sunset orange.

The background music, sometimes ventures into the plot: whether it is the note of old gramophone records: or that hauntingly beautiful song at the end, in Dinah Washington's voice, "This Bitter Earth." The movie, apparently, 'became Scorsese's second highest-grossing film worldwide' and he remarked, apparently, that he would get double the box office returns, because the viewer would have no choice, but to see it twice, to understand the plot.Watch it, if you can, either alone, or with someone who knows how to stay silent.

Thanks to all the Movie reviewers who I mention in this blog.


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