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In this section we discuss why marvel has not fully right of spider man. Marvel is a big super hero cinematic universe. First marvel make a commic book as a manga book. First marvel has not money to fulfillments of marvel requirement. 

When marvel comes to film industry as a MCU. Marvel has make a lot of super hero movie. First spider man has totally right with Marvel. When marvel sell right to sony. Than marvel has not totally right of spider man.

Now in this year. Spider man share right with marvel Sony and Disney. Sony and Disney is also movie industry. When spider man movie release profit share all three movie industry. Marvel Sony and Disney.

why marvel has not spiderman rights

Disney is make first animation cartoon is micky mouse. Micky mouse is popular all over the world. IN 1990 to 2005 kid has know the mickey mouse. Now in this year micky mouse is totally stop to show on tv. It is a intresting fact that Disney founder see the mouse to eat biscuit. That mouse gives the idea to make animation industry and give the name as a Disney.

spider man 1 movie direct Sam Raimi. James Camron want to direct the spider man make the spider man as titanic hero. But it is not happen spider man direct the Sam Raimi. Sony and Marvel share the profit of spider man box office collection.

When spider man 2 is release it is not popular than spider man 1 . But here introduction the doctor octupus.. Doctor has a robotic hand like octupus. That hand control his brain. Doctor has not control his brain.

Spider man 3 is flop because spideman director introduce the venom. Venom is a alien. Venom want to eat a human brain. Venom is a villian types of hereo. Spider man 3 is flop and spider man director stop the spiderman movie universe. 

Again the marvel introduce the spider man in civil war. Iron man call the spider man in civil war. It is not a spiderman solo flim,. After the civil war. Marvel makes the spider solo movie as a spider man home comming. spider man home comming the new spider man universe. 

After the spider man home comming. Also release the amazing spider man. It is only release the 2 part. Director also plan to release the third part but not release the third part. 

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