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why netflix is best

In this tutorial we discuss the why Netflix is best OTP platform to watch movie. Netflix is a one of the types OTP platform company. Netflix is found in August 29 1997 in California USA. In 25 year ago netflix is found. Netflix headquaters is in los gatos California USA.

Reed hasting is found the Netflix in Scotts valley. At the year of 2021 Netflix is biggest Entertaintment platform. Netflix cross the more than 200 million subscriber in 2021. Netflix is make human beings life easy to watch movies.

Netflix is the legal movie downloading website. Netflix buy the movie right and post the movies in Neflix app or website. Netflix is count under the top 10 website.

Netflix is growing day by day netflix is fantastic OTP platform. Netflix subscriber access the nNetflix by via browser and Android app and Ios. Netflix upload different movies like Hollywood Hollywood webseries. Hollywood movies in dual audio.

Netflix gives his subscription is very low cost Netflix has different different plan system to buy a Netflix subscription.  Watch a movies from Netflix has different quality. Netflix has 480p to 4K resoution movies. 

Netflix is top entertaintment platform as a Forbes. Netflix grow his Networth. Netflix is 8th most trusted brand companu in 2021.

Netflix icon N is used from the since 2016. Before the 2016 Netflix does not use the N logo. when netflix by the Money heist than netflix increase the 2x more subscriber.

Money heist is a Spanish base series. Money heist is release the season 1 and 2 in spain. After season 2 it is flop in Spain. Than netflix invest money to produce money heist. Than money heist breaks the record and make number 1 web series.

Again in 2021 Netflix by the squid game series. Squid game is base in korean web series. Squid game is make plan in 2009 due to causes of low money squid game post pond. Then the help of netflix again invest money to squid game director to make the squid game series. Than squid game break the money heist record. squid game make again number 1 webseries in world.

Netflix has to plan to again release the squid game season2 because netflix want to increase his subscriber again. One fact is than netflix always loss 1 crore due to share the netflix password. Please stop this to sharing password.

Sharing password is harm the netflix company. If netflix goes loss than netflix does not buy the webs series. 

NOTE: Stop doing piracy. Piracy harm the director producer. Piracy is illegal. We should not promote the piracy. We should follow the Government rules. Avoid from piracy. Watch movie from downloading movie website it is illegal.

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